ERP Software & web design

We offer three different services for web design, ecommerce and ERP solutions.

Web Design
We use only the best solutions available on the market. For presentation websites we work with Wordpress, for which we install or design different themes based on customer requirements.

We are specialists in Magento and Shopify. On request, we can design bespoke modules for either of these two platforms, which from our point of view are the most robust and offer the best value for money.

ERP Software
We have learned how to build high performance ERP applications in the most competitive market in Europe, so we can monitor the production, and you can know everything that is happening in your production business.

Retail & Drop Shipping

To put it simply we made selling online easier than it already is trough our in-house developed ERP solutions.

Our core principles learn before you earn, always go the extra mile and the customer is the most important in your business, pushed us to tap even the most competitive retail markets, where achieving record breaking sales, astonishing customer service, and excellent client satisfaction is a daily routine for us.

Drop Shippling
We offer several Drop Shipping solutions backed by our vast experience with platforms such as Shopify and Magento. At the moment we operate successful Drop Shipping websites that offer better products, professional customer service and easier and faster shipping.

Freight Forwarding

We managed to find the perfect balance between cost, speed and means of transportation in order to offer the best logistics solutions. .

Industry leading solutions in Freight Forwarding
We are proud of our partners that help us to provide our customers the shipping and freight forwarding solutions they need trough our modern means of transportation, knowledge of the Import / Export industry and our strive to comply with all relevant regulations.

Warehousing and Fulfilment
Our strategically located warehouses allow us and our partners to store goods for various periods of time in order to be able to provide the best shipping and freight forwarding solutions for our clients. These warehouses were carefully selected in order for us to be able to provide Order Fulfilment services seamlessly.


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